The Residence offers its guests discounted use of a nearby health centre and the opportunity to go horse-riding.

In spring you can enjoy the pranzetto dei pecorai, an open-air lunch of local cooking.

During the Carnival we prepare frittelle con il pancotto to top off the partying.

At Easter we cook the torte al formaggio and the biccicuta in the wood-fired oven. The tasting follows immediately.

May is the time for the Flower Festival.

June and July are harvest time, offering the opportunity to enjoy the traditions and countryside events linked to this event.

September and October are ideal for visiting local towns.

In autumn it’s time to prepare marmalade, apples, carrots and corbezzolo, which first needs to be picked from the local woods.

December features presepi viventi and traditional Christmas cooking: chick-pea and chestnut soup, prune and grape baccalà, sweet maccheroni, cappelletti, meat broth, parmeggiani di gobbi

In January cured meats are prepared and tasted. Notably sausages and liver sausages.