Welcome to Residenze l'Alberata

The perfect way of spending a holiday or a weekend. Great location, great food and convenient prices.

The residence

Come to the Residence Alberata and enjoy the green heart of Italy, mixing the natural and architectural beauties of Umbria with fine food and wine.

The six comfortable apartments, one of which is equipped for use by the handicapped, are named Fabiola, Chiara, Elena, Anna, Luisa and Giulia, after the women of the household, from grandmother down to the youngest granddaughter.

Your stay will be made extra special by the warm family hospitality we offer.


will show you how the wood-fired oven is heated and used


will instruct you on which preserves, jams and wines are best


from whom you can learn all about the best cuts of meat and their ideal preparation

The best of local food and wine: meat, salami, cheeses and wine

The best of local food and wine can be found here: cooked meats, salami, cheeses and wine

A food emporium run by the Adreani family since 1915 is open to our guests, offering high quality cured meats and cheeses, together with a variety of prepared dishes.